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“…Such a nice way to start the week…so much more fun than running on the treadmill at the gym. I have seen a real improvement in my fitness and posture, think I might have even found my tummy muscles!”
“After having two babies, the stretching and toning is fantastic!”
“Starting ballet classes was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!”
“I look forward to the ballet class every week – a time to forget the outside world and focus on music and movement – a really good workout for body and mind to beautiful music”
“Thank you so much for the lovely ballet classes and for welcoming Iona*, Jane* and Angela* so look forward to their ballet every week, it has opened up a whole new world for them. When they play at home, they make up their own imaginary stories going off on holiday, skipping, trotting etc.  It is adorable to see them so inspired”. (*names changed for privacy)